How Lifestyles Changed – Medications Reduced Who Tried Betr Health Digital Therapeutics Platform

Chronic ailment: Acid reflux, asthma, allergies and high cholesterol    Results: 
  • Down 20 pounds and keeping it off! 
  • Used to take lots of meds for acid reflux, asthma medications, allergy medications, and post nasal drip medications – and now I’m not taking ANY! 
  • I’m also sleeping better and no longer snoring.
  • I’d tell anyone who’s considering the program to sign up and do yourself a favor because you can’t go wrong with this program!
  Lifestye before Betr: 
  • Acid reflux. 
  • General health: High Cholesterol 
  • CW: 164 5’7″ 
  • Specific health goals : lose 15-20 lbs. 
  • Would really like help with meal planning

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