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By now you’ve probably heard about all of the health benefits related to yoga, and I’m sure you have some questions. How much of it is actually true? Is it just a new workout fad, or is there something more to it? Is there a rhyme or reason for the specific poses? Why should I start doing yoga now? Can it really help improve my life, or is it only for young people and hippy-dippy types?

As Betr Health continues to grow, we at 110 Yoga are excited to help the team transition into offering new services and resources to Betr members. Providing regular yoga programs is something that we’re proud to incorporate into Betr Health’s tool kit. Finding a regular form of movement that fits your protocol is crucial as you shift to a healthier lifestyle. 

So why yoga?

As you move through the program and start to shed weight, your body will begin craving movement. You will experience a reduction in inflammation, less stress on your joints, and a new level of energy that will allow you to put your muscles to work. Instead of spending countless hours at the gym and putting your body through strenuous exercise, ease your body into movement through a healing practice like yoga!

The physical, mental, and emotional benefits of yoga are immense. We will discuss each of these in more detail in other articles, but you can expect to enjoy the benefits of reduced joint pain, and an increase in stability, strength, and flexibility. You will be able to decrease stress, find a new sense of calm and clarity, and even learn to connect with a deeper part of yourself.

Yoga can be a huge aid as you move through the transformative processes of the Betr Health protocol. We invite you to take part in our Betr yoga programs and feel the results for yourself!


Rachael Roykovich

110 Yoga

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